Jan 24, 2020

In many cases, people often use phrases like custom website design or custom design. But don’t know what it stands for. A custom website design refers to a web design that involves building a site from scratch by using code. There are no pre-packaged or templates involved. Many people incorrectly certain that completely customizable website templates are classified into custom websites. Meanwhile, the templates only let the users personalize website pages within predefined limitations.

Main advantages of custom website design

Custom web design is essential especially for those who want more on their web pages. The design reflects the business as a whole. The web visitors will also feel the same. The placements of videos, icons, pictures, buttons, etc. aren’t random at all. Instead, the web designers had already analyzed the target audiences and the industry trends. There are several advantages of custom website design that needs to be considered such as:

  • SEO optimized – With the appropriate website designer. Your website will be fully SEO optimized as well as search engine friendly.
  • Adaptability – A custom website has all features beneficial for business marketing. You can have a web designer compile a prioritized list within the site.
  • Unique design – Custom design is well known for the unique design that distinguishes it from template website design.
  • Scalability – A custom website will consequently select the correct technologies for your website. So that you can incorporate any upgrades into the design.

Who needs custom website designs and who doesn’t?

Since custom website design is time-intensive and costly, you may need to consider it. However, sometimes, the custom work is actually what you need. Listed below are those who need custom designs for their websites.

  • Flight deals websites.

  • Stock trading websites.

  • Social media websites.

  • Insurance quotes websites.

  • Custom printing websites.

  • Car manufacturer websites.

  • Home remodeling websites.

  • Video streaming websites.

  • Productivity tools websites.

  • Graphic design tools websites.

On the other hand, we also have classified those who don’t need any custom design for their websites:

  • E-Commerce websites

  • Medical websites

  • Corporate websites

  • Organizational websites

  • Restaurant websites

  • Professional service websites

Custom website designs services offered

Before deciding to have a web designer design your website, you have to understand what services you can get:

  • Analytic reporting and interpretation

  • Competition monitoring

  • Sales presentation development

  • Pay-per-click campaign management

  • HTML e-mail template design

  • Blog management/customization

  • Usability testing

It is certainly true that custom website designs exist for a reason. Some online businesses undeniably need a custom design to meet their needs to deliver necessary functionality. A unique, custom-built site will easily help you brand an image. It is such a valuable investment that can help to provide a beautiful. And secure experience for your clients who will possibly transform into your repeat customers. However, before deciding to use a custom website design it is wise to determine what kind of purposes. You want to achieve from your site. Is it just for fun? Or does it make some money?

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