Jul 24, 2020

Now that your business has grown, it’s the best time to make a website. Due to the fact that online business has grown rapidly, it is important to make one. One of the most popular options is hiring a professional web designer to design your website to be what you desire. However, the price is ranging variously influenced by multiple factors. The website design cost varies greatly that’s why you need to determine how it looks, features included, and many more.

Factors that influence the website design cost

Each new website has its own challenges. But, there are several main factors that play an important role in determining the website design cost.


The more complex your website, the more you have to pay the cost. When it comes to website complexity it refers to features like online stores, e-commerce functions, membership portals, and more. The more features you want within the website, the more complex the development and the design will be.


How many pages do you need for your website? Well, the number of pages within a site will directly affect the cost. For instance, the number of pages is mitigated by the CMS (content management system) you are using for the website. Anyway, if you want to have various numbers of pages, then the cost will directly increase.

Designer’s skill level

You may be able to get a website designed for£100. But, it won’t have the same quality as a website that costs you £1000. The level of skill will differentiate the results as well. A web designer that costs you more provides you the expertise you can’t find at a bargain rate. If you hire a poor designer, it may end up with an unclear process, faulty, inconsistent follow-through, no-support after completion, and many more. So, the level of skill of a web designer matters the most.

Types of sites

Whether you choose an interactive site or the less one, types of sites also influence the web design cost. For example, if you’re searching for an e-commerce site, you’ll need to consider commercial aspects and payment gateways such as linking to banking accounts. Wish lists and order carts also need to be incorporated which makes the cost getting high. When compared to a brochure website, an e-commerce website surely cost more.

How much does a website design cost?

There are three types of how much a website design cost to consider:


A basic website design charges between £1000 up to £10,000. It provides an effective yet simple website. Like advanced and intermediate web design, it also creates a site-specific to your goals and brands.


An intermediate website design charges between £10,000 up to £50,000 as it provides a performance-driven and well-designed website. It also includes some additional features such as copywriting or CMS to meet your needs.


The last type typically charges you around £50,000 up to £100,000 as it provides a cutting-edge and custom website. Moreover, it features some add-ons such as e-commerce functionality and database integration. It’s also able to maximize your ROI and conversion rate which is important in competitive markets.

In a nutshell, the size of your business or company determines the website design cost. Just because you are purchasing the basic version, it doesn’t mean that you receive a low-performance website and vice versa. Make sure to buy a website that correlates to your goals, needs, and budget rather than buying a site with unnecessary features.

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