Nov 22, 2020

Having a portfolio website is a must for those of you who have a career in the creative industry.  Thus, having a portfolio website examples is also important if you are a professional or a student. So that you can include it on your resume to facilitate your job search process.  This platform is very useful to help you express yourself as well as to showcase all your works. Also, your company’s profile, so that your clients can easily find you.

Therefore, portfolio websites are usually created by people who want to share their creations and knowledge with a larger audience.  For that reason, an online portfolio website can:

  • Document your best work and achievements.

  • Bringing in more clients.

  • Make you look more professional.

Here is some portfolio website examples from professional people that will not only inspire you. But to get you started on the right track as well.  The following 6 portfolio website examples are the most prominent ones including:

John Green

A YouTuber and novelist, John Green’s portfolio are included in the list of most prominent portfolio website examples. That present a catchy website summary effectively and definitely cannot be missed by visitors. In terms of showcasing his skills and to grab attention in an instant.

Sean Halpin

At Sean Halpin’s portfolio website, the information displayed on the homepage is informative, concise and visually appealing.  He lets his visitors know he’s available for freelance work, by putting a contact form there for interested potential employers to fill out.  This makes it easier to get more clients.

 Gary Vaynerchuk

Another portfolio website examples feature two main things that stand out from Gary Vaynerchuk.  First, he includes a short video about his life, his skills, and achievements very briefly.  Second, he included his writings about media (his area of expertise) and also provided links to his podcasts, Snapchat and YouTube channels.

Dean Tate

Dean Tate created a simple portfolio website that is clear to navigate with a landing page providing a clear overview of himself and the important projects he has worked on.  Hence, with a white background and clear graphics was intended to make his visitors focus on the portfolio website content, rather than being distracted by flashy graphics.

 Robby Leonardi

Meanwhile, Robby Leonardi’s portfolio website is a one-page website that offers complex features such as pop-ups as well as hidden features for each of the different sections.  This helps him demonstrate his skills as a web designer which also includes many case studies and portfolio website examples from past clients to showcase his versatility to future clients.

 Studio Schurk

Scrolling down Studio Schurk’s portfolio website, you will find an animated video along with the studio project and portfolio (illustrator and animator).  Thus, Studio Schurk’s main page can be an effective way of letting visitors know at a glance what your studio specializes in and what it has to offer.

 Therefore, the key to a good portfolio website is a catchy user experience.  A website not only looks good, but it must also be functional and make it easier for visitors to navigate your content and pages at the same time.

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