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In this millennial age, everything has to be online, including your business. Rather than visiting the physical stores, people nowadays prefer to surf on the internet first to find offers and other information they need about some products. Plus, it will be more convenient if they can buy the products by just staying at home. With this kind of lifestyle, building a website for your business is a must. WordPress is usually a number one choice since it is simple to be built and affordable.

But is just creating a WordPress means enough? NO. Unfortunately, you still have to work hard in maintaining it. Bug fixing, updating offers and banners that matched the seasons, updating your gallery by uploading some videos and photos, backing up your website data, and many more. With all your business activities, you don’t have time to do this all, do you? Thanks that many website maintenance service providers you can rely on. But because you are not just investing money on it, choose the one that can be trusted, affordable, and understand your needs.

*Must be hosted on our servers

*Plugin & Theme updates only if the developers still support them. We must be notified if the client adds plugins.

*This maintenance service does not include cover damage caused by site admins or hackers.

*This maintenance service only available to WordPress websites only. For any other websites please contact us for a custom quotation. 

Don’t worry, we got this! We are happy to assist you in website maintaining to keep your page runs well. Here are what we work on for you:

– You tell us everything you want to add
If you do not have time or having a little bit difficulty in uploading your website’s content, hand them to us. Text? Check. Graphic/Photo? Check. Video? Check. Other media? Check. We can also add extra items, features, or pages on your website for you.

– Daily backups of your website, because who wants to lose the data?
The backups ensure that every timeyour website needs to be restored, you won’t lose anything. We keep your website’s actual content, including the media library, and MySQL. We back up your website daily and monthly.

– Extra 1- hour every month dedicated for your website development
Our expert website developers will allocate 1 hour extra in every month to do more advanced development. They can help you to deal with coding and plugin issues if required. Custom programming is encouraged also if you want, because it is your website, isn’t it?

– Never-ending updates.
Beside the backups and website development, your website needs to be updated too. WordPress itself always update their latest version for better features and plugins. But what if your website breaks down and cannot match the newest WordPress? Don’t be so stressful because you can rely on us forever!

– Your preference is the most important
Despite that we can make your website use the most up to date version of WordPress, we will always take a snapshot of your “before-update” website on our staging area. And if you find any differences you don’t wish or something doesn’t work on “after-update” website, we can go back to the old version and skip the update until we find the solution.

– Say good bye to malware and external threat!
Midnight is hackers and viruses favorite time to do vicious things on your website, but as well as our never sleep system. You can sleep, have dinner, or even party until morning without any worry because your website is being protected all the time.

– Your private playground is available to be tested
We provide a clone of your real website so you can test anything you want here without affecting your actual live website. You can play to try the new layouts, logos, media, themes, and other features before publishing them.

– Speed up your website with ever cache technology
Caching can slow down your page load speed and site-speed enhancing plugins sometimes even make it slower! An advanced caching system is built in our server that will speed up your website like no other.

– Premium web hosting on superfast server, just for WordPress user
If your business depends on your website to get leads and sales, we recommend you to not using a shared hosting option. Even if it is cheap, it will cause many website problems and more susceptible of going down or infected by viruses. There is a solution to deal with these issues, by getting the powerful server that will costs you £1,000 monthly. Too expensive? Don’t worry, your assistant is here! Our superfast server is dedicated to hosting websites on WordPress, which makes your website loads in no time, and easier yet safer to access.

– If you host your website with us, Of course, your WordPress security is guaranteed! Everyone wants minimum risks.
As a trusted assistant who has handled many websites, we guarantee for the best service. If something goes wrong with your website, we will fix it for you right in time. Because an assistant should make everything’s easier, not harder.

If you have a website, then website maintenance is not an optional, whether you like it or not, it should be done. You can update your web design as often as you want. Say that you update it everyday to make it up to date, or update it once a year because you are satisfied with its look now. But you can not do the same thing with your core WordPress, because the web always changing and moving. You don’t want to leave your site open to viruses, hackers, malwares, and other undetected risks of security. Therefore, we are glad to help you in dealing with this problem.

It is important to keep information and features in your website up to date and comfortable to be used. You should always make sure that the systems used to run the site are also current. Website maintenance will also give better look for your users, which makes them surf longer in your site and enhance the possibility to generate sales. If many people stick to your website, your site traffic will increase and there is a chance that its appearance on search engine is escalated.

With all the advantages you will get, try to consider our service. We are available to response you quickly by email where we can discuss about our plan. Your goals are also ours.


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