When you open your website, it shows server error in server error in ‘/’ application. Finally, your website does not work properly. Somehow, there are a few causal factors why this server error may occur. In some cases, the error page allows you to check the information about the issue. You can find the solution on the internet. You can also read this post to know how to solve server error in ‘/’ application.

How to solve server error in ‘/’ application?

Well, there are some factors that can cause this error to occur. You should identify the problems so you understand how to fix them. Some of the causal factors are such as:

You have to restart IIS

It a certain cause, server error in server error in ‘/’ application may occur because the IIS has to be restarted. For the IIS manager, you can restart the IIS. If you use Windows 10, then you can go to Administrative tools. Then, you can select the IIS manager. After that, click the server on the left panel. Next, choose an action where you can click “Restart”.

You need to update the URL

Server Error in ‘/’ application may also occur because you need to update the URL. It shows a description where the browser will show the error along with the missing file or the file is changed. The error shows HTTP 404 with some descriptions. To solve this issue, you can simply update or correct the URL.

You have to add the MIME Type

Server Error in ‘/’ application can also occur because you access a file that is prohibited by the server. The error will show up on the display and it will also show you the description of the error “this type of page is not served”. How to solve it? Simply, you can have to make sure that you use the right file name. It may occur because you type the wrong file extension. You can go to Administrative tools and choose the server. Then, you select “Sites” and choose Default Web Site. Next, you can click MIME Types, and choose action and click “ADD”.

You need to verify .Net Version

Server Error in ‘/’ application may also occur because of features or programs that are not compatible with the .Net version. You can fix this issue on the Administrative Tools and choose IIS and the server. Then, you can click Application Pools and then right-click on the domain name. After that, you can choose Basic Setting. Next, the window pops up where you can choose the .Net version and click OK.

Finally, those are some ways to fix server errors in ‘/’ application when you access your website. It seems that you have to check the causal factors why this error may occur. After you fix the issue, then you can continue to reload the page to make sure it works normally. You are no need to worry when seeing this error because you can still fix it.