While good for public health, social distancing during pandemic affect small businesses so badly. Since the covid-19 outbreak, customers are staying at home. It’s worried that the covid-19 will impact deeper to the business. Consequently, many merchants will search for ways to keep their customers. One of the most effective ways to keep you in the business industry is promoting your business through the e-commerce website. Below are some tips to keep your customers during coronavirus outbreaks.

Proactive communications with customers

Proactive communication with customers will help them understand the situation you are in. let them know that you are making some changes to your business such as opening hours, delivering options, how you keep your environment clean and safe, etc. explain to them about the protocols you apply on your work environment. You can let them know through social media, email, or website.

Creating user-friendly website

Since you switch your business into an eCommerce one, eCommerce website design is the first thing that should be pointed. Many brands earn their name by developing a user-friendly and simple website design. Make sure to create a simple and not out-of-the-box website design. An attractive website with a simple interface is more preferred than the complicated one. You can reach more customers with this strategy since they can easily visit your site without any difficulties.

Loading speed matters

Loading time and speed is important for increasing customers. When your website loads so fast, customers are feeling satisfied and stay on your site to buy things. The faster the loading speed, the more customers will consider buying your products.

Providing attractive images

Images are such an effective way to attract your potential customers. You can use images to point to some users. It will help you to narrow down their choices as well as directing them to the checkout zone with no trouble.

Holding an online event

Now that you have learned about eCommerce website design and your website’s look is gorgeous, holding an online event is a good idea. Since your customers are at home during this pandemic, this is such a great opportunity to open your store, launch your products, or even celebrate your store anniversaries online. This is the best way to engage with your customers. Another option is by providing discounts for people who stream the live event you hold.

Business during a pandemic may be hard, but don’t let this as a challenge to expand your business. A challenge will become an obstacle if you bow to it.




Any idea how to write a killer product description? Selling products is as easy as uploading pictures and videos into your e-commerce platform. But, providing a product description with convincing words can be as complicated as finishing your algebra examination.

Find The Killer Product Description by Finding Ideas About Killer Product Descriptions

Getting inspiration from competitors who have reached their success decades ago is not a sin. Yet, it is important for you to be smart enough in getting inspired instead of copying it. All you have to do is to browse through some descriptions of similar products that you offer. Those are particularly from well-established companies. You should be thankful to Google and other search engines for providing you lots of references.

A Story Telling

Storytelling is not merely the best ‘lullaby’ for kids. Telling the story about the manufacturing process of your products really stands out. This is particularly for handmade products. People are interested whether the products are really handmade, or machine-made. It is also recommended for you to create a narration about the products’ details. You might want to share the reason why you launch this product, or how this product has an intriguing background or history.

Satisfied Customers’ Quotes 

Have you ever noticed that customers’ reviews are the most effective promotional method for the products that they have used? Why don’t you try to copy words from satisfied customers? They mostly express their satisfaction honestly. There is no way customers will exaggerate their expressions about any product unless they are paid for endorse. If you think that your customers’ quotes are not enough, you can also find ideas from customers of your competitors! That sounds silly, but it will work.

Emphasize The Benefits

Everyone buys any product because of its benefit. The next reason can be the good price. So, why not emphasizing the benefits, at the beginning of the description/ Those benefits should focus on how they help all customers to solve their problems, whether it is about health, performance, and daily lifestyle.

Use Bullets and Points 

Without bullets and points, your future buyers will think that they are reading a boring and monotonous scientific report. They might only read the first paragraph and skip the page right away. This is particularly when they are searching through the search engine. They can find unlimited sources of your competitors if your product description contains no bullet and points.

Use Proper Terms for The Specific Customers

If your products are for teens, you’d rather avoid very formal terms that make them feel like you are selling products for their grandmothers. Jargons among kids and teens keep changing, so you’d better make thorough researches before creating specific terms for the right customers. It applies vice versa. You can’t use teens’ jargons if you promote organic milk for retirees.

If you have learned about how to write a killer product description, you can try posting them on your social media accounts. It is much safer because you can just update the terms or details within minutes.

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Error 404 Not Found is one of the most complained errors by any website owners.  This type of website error is certainly infuriating since it will ruin any visitors’ experience from scrolling down your website.  In general, there are several reasons that may cause an error 404 Not Found, such as:

  • Invalid URL— Occurs when you misspelled a URL page.

  • The page was removed to another URL.

  • Compatibility— Problems with plugins that affect URLs and permalinks to websites.

  • URL restructuring— Occurs when URL redirection is not implemented.

  • Domain transfer— If the URL doesn’t include a 301 redirect.

  • Server not functioning properly.

As you can see, an error 404 Not Found can affect the usability of your website.  When visitors open your webpage and find this error, they will automatically close the tab and continue their search to other websites.  Therefore, the more pages on your website that experience an error 404 Not Found, the higher the bounce rate due to broken links, resulting in the less time visitors spend on your website.  Of course, these things can negatively affect the SEO of your website as well.  So, how do you solve the errors 404 Not Found on your webpage?

Refresh your website page— If you find this error on your website for the first time, try to refresh or reload the page by pressing the F5 key. Occasionally this error will go away on its own and you just need to refresh your website.

Fix the link— Try checking the URL on your website page and make sure there are no typos in it. Because, as previously mentioned, this type of error is due to a misspelling in the URL.

Reset permalinks— The next thing you can do is to fix the error 404 Not Found on WordPress, under the permalink settings. Restore permalink to default “Plain” for the time being.  Then click “Save” and the settings page will reload.

Clear browser and cache history— Error will arise when it turns out that the cache holds 404 error pages. To minimize the errors, you need to clear your cache and browser history.  This is another easy solution, so that the error 404 Not Found will never be found or appear again.

Redirect page— Another way to solve an error 404 Not Found is to redirect one page to another. You can use 301 redirects, where it is a redirect response code that signals to the browser that a specific content has been transferred to another URL.

This type of error may look simple, but it may cause a long term impact on your webpage.  Why is that so?  Visitors will have a hard time finding the page they want.  As a result, your website traffic can decrease.

Therefore, the above are some of the ways to solve error 404 Not Found that you can easily fix to your own website.  Hence, you are able to solve the problem as quickly as possible.  And as a result, you can avoid losing website traffic.




Having a portfolio website is a must for those of you who have a career in the creative industry.  Thus, having a portfolio website examples is also important if you are a professional or a student. So that you can include it on your resume to facilitate your job search process.  This platform is very useful to help you express yourself as well as to showcase all your works. Also, your company’s profile, so that your clients can easily find you.

Therefore, portfolio websites are usually created by people who want to share their creations and knowledge with a larger audience.  For that reason, an online portfolio website can:

  • Document your best work and achievements.

  • Bringing in more clients.

  • Make you look more professional.

Here is some portfolio website examples from professional people that will not only inspire you. But to get you started on the right track as well.  The following 6 portfolio website examples are the most prominent ones including:

John Green

A YouTuber and novelist, John Green’s portfolio are included in the list of most prominent portfolio website examples. That present a catchy website summary effectively and definitely cannot be missed by visitors. In terms of showcasing his skills and to grab attention in an instant.

Sean Halpin

At Sean Halpin’s portfolio website, the information displayed on the homepage is informative, concise and visually appealing.  He lets his visitors know he’s available for freelance work, by putting a contact form there for interested potential employers to fill out.  This makes it easier to get more clients.

 Gary Vaynerchuk

Another portfolio website examples feature two main things that stand out from Gary Vaynerchuk.  First, he includes a short video about his life, his skills, and achievements very briefly.  Second, he included his writings about media (his area of expertise) and also provided links to his podcasts, Snapchat and YouTube channels.

Dean Tate

Dean Tate created a simple portfolio website that is clear to navigate with a landing page providing a clear overview of himself and the important projects he has worked on.  Hence, with a white background and clear graphics was intended to make his visitors focus on the portfolio website content, rather than being distracted by flashy graphics.

 Robby Leonardi

Meanwhile, Robby Leonardi’s portfolio website is a one-page website that offers complex features such as pop-ups as well as hidden features for each of the different sections.  This helps him demonstrate his skills as a web designer which also includes many case studies and portfolio website examples from past clients to showcase his versatility to future clients.

 Studio Schurk

Scrolling down Studio Schurk’s portfolio website, you will find an animated video along with the studio project and portfolio (illustrator and animator).  Thus, Studio Schurk’s main page can be an effective way of letting visitors know at a glance what your studio specializes in and what it has to offer.

 Therefore, the key to a good portfolio website is a catchy user experience.  A website not only looks good, but it must also be functional and make it easier for visitors to navigate your content and pages at the same time.

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When you open your website, it shows server error in server error in ‘/’ application. Finally, your website does not work properly. Somehow, there are a few causal factors why this server error may occur. In some cases, the error page allows you to check the information about the issue. You can find the solution on the internet. You can also read this post to know how to solve server error in ‘/’ application.

How to solve server error in ‘/’ application?

Well, there are some factors that can cause this error to occur. You should identify the problems so you understand how to fix them. Some of the causal factors are such as:

You have to restart IIS

It a certain cause, server error in server error in ‘/’ application may occur because the IIS has to be restarted. For the IIS manager, you can restart the IIS. If you use Windows 10, then you can go to Administrative tools. Then, you can select the IIS manager. After that, click the server on the left panel. Next, choose an action where you can click “Restart”.

You need to update the URL

Server Error in ‘/’ application may also occur because you need to update the URL. It shows a description where the browser will show the error along with the missing file or the file is changed. The error shows HTTP 404 with some descriptions. To solve this issue, you can simply update or correct the URL.

You have to add the MIME Type

Server Error in ‘/’ application can also occur because you access a file that is prohibited by the server. The error will show up on the display and it will also show you the description of the error “this type of page is not served”. How to solve it? Simply, you can have to make sure that you use the right file name. It may occur because you type the wrong file extension. You can go to Administrative tools and choose the server. Then, you select “Sites” and choose Default Web Site. Next, you can click MIME Types, and choose action and click “ADD”.

You need to verify .Net Version

Server Error in ‘/’ application may also occur because of features or programs that are not compatible with the .Net version. You can fix this issue on the Administrative Tools and choose IIS and the server. Then, you can click Application Pools and then right-click on the domain name. After that, you can choose Basic Setting. Next, the window pops up where you can choose the .Net version and click OK.

Finally, those are some ways to fix server errors in ‘/’ application when you access your website. It seems that you have to check the causal factors why this error may occur. After you fix the issue, then you can continue to reload the page to make sure it works normally. You are no need to worry when seeing this error because you can still fix it.