Any idea how to write a killer product description? Selling products is as easy as uploading pictures and videos into your e-commerce platform. But, providing a product description with convincing words can be as complicated as finishing your algebra examination.

Find The Killer Product Description by Finding Ideas About Killer Product Descriptions

Getting inspiration from competitors who have reached their success decades ago is not a sin. Yet, it is important for you to be smart enough in getting inspired instead of copying it. All you have to do is to browse through some descriptions of similar products that you offer. Those are particularly from well-established companies. You should be thankful to Google and other search engines for providing you lots of references.

A Story Telling

Storytelling is not merely the best ‘lullaby’ for kids. Telling the story about the manufacturing process of your products really stands out. This is particularly for handmade products. People are interested whether the products are really handmade, or machine-made. It is also recommended for you to create a narration about the products’ details. You might want to share the reason why you launch this product, or how this product has an intriguing background or history.

Satisfied Customers’ Quotes 

Have you ever noticed that customers’ reviews are the most effective promotional method for the products that they have used? Why don’t you try to copy words from satisfied customers? They mostly express their satisfaction honestly. There is no way customers will exaggerate their expressions about any product unless they are paid for endorse. If you think that your customers’ quotes are not enough, you can also find ideas from customers of your competitors! That sounds silly, but it will work.

Emphasize The Benefits

Everyone buys any product because of its benefit. The next reason can be the good price. So, why not emphasizing the benefits, at the beginning of the description/ Those benefits should focus on how they help all customers to solve their problems, whether it is about health, performance, and daily lifestyle.

Use Bullets and Points 

Without bullets and points, your future buyers will think that they are reading a boring and monotonous scientific report. They might only read the first paragraph and skip the page right away. This is particularly when they are searching through the search engine. They can find unlimited sources of your competitors if your product description contains no bullet and points.

Use Proper Terms for The Specific Customers

If your products are for teens, you’d rather avoid very formal terms that make them feel like you are selling products for their grandmothers. Jargons among kids and teens keep changing, so you’d better make thorough researches before creating specific terms for the right customers. It applies vice versa. You can’t use teens’ jargons if you promote organic milk for retirees.

If you have learned about how to write a killer product description, you can try posting them on your social media accounts. It is much safer because you can just update the terms or details within minutes.

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