Dec 28, 2020

Error 404 Not Found is one of the most complained errors by any website owners.  This type of website error is certainly infuriating since it will ruin any visitors’ experience from scrolling down your website.  In general, there are several reasons that may cause an error 404 Not Found, such as:

  • Invalid URL— Occurs when you misspelled a URL page.

  • The page was removed to another URL.

  • Compatibility— Problems with plugins that affect URLs and permalinks to websites.

  • URL restructuring— Occurs when URL redirection is not implemented.

  • Domain transfer— If the URL doesn’t include a 301 redirect.

  • Server not functioning properly.

As you can see, an error 404 Not Found can affect the usability of your website.  When visitors open your webpage and find this error, they will automatically close the tab and continue their search to other websites.  Therefore, the more pages on your website that experience an error 404 Not Found, the higher the bounce rate due to broken links, resulting in the less time visitors spend on your website.  Of course, these things can negatively affect the SEO of your website as well.  So, how do you solve the errors 404 Not Found on your webpage?

Refresh your website page— If you find this error on your website for the first time, try to refresh or reload the page by pressing the F5 key. Occasionally this error will go away on its own and you just need to refresh your website.

Fix the link— Try checking the URL on your website page and make sure there are no typos in it. Because, as previously mentioned, this type of error is due to a misspelling in the URL.

Reset permalinks— The next thing you can do is to fix the error 404 Not Found on WordPress, under the permalink settings. Restore permalink to default “Plain” for the time being.  Then click “Save” and the settings page will reload.

Clear browser and cache history— Error will arise when it turns out that the cache holds 404 error pages. To minimize the errors, you need to clear your cache and browser history.  This is another easy solution, so that the error 404 Not Found will never be found or appear again.

Redirect page— Another way to solve an error 404 Not Found is to redirect one page to another. You can use 301 redirects, where it is a redirect response code that signals to the browser that a specific content has been transferred to another URL.

This type of error may look simple, but it may cause a long term impact on your webpage.  Why is that so?  Visitors will have a hard time finding the page they want.  As a result, your website traffic can decrease.

Therefore, the above are some of the ways to solve error 404 Not Found that you can easily fix to your own website.  Hence, you are able to solve the problem as quickly as possible.  And as a result, you can avoid losing website traffic.


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