Apr 18, 2020

You may already have created your own content on the internet on a certain topic. But if it does not thoughtfully use the terminology which people are using, it will never be found. In this case, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is strongly needed. Before looking for an affordable SEO, it is important to understand what SEO is.

SEO is the process of connecting and gaining visibility in the search result in the search engine. This is considered the most essential element in digital marketing strategy makes it an effective investment that every business should make.

Search Engine Optimisation or SEO is important if you do online marketing or business. SEO makes sure that whenever someone’s searching for answers that are related to your business, your product is on the top list. Many marketers love SEO so much since it plays out economically to marketing and sales activities.

Luckily, there are lots of affordable SEO agencies that can help to grow your business online. However, it is somewhat challenging to separate the good from the bad. But, it is easy to spot the difference when you know what to search for.

The average cost of SEO

Whether you are hiring an affordable SEO consultant overseas or locally, there are different types of pricing models to expect:

  • Monthly plan pricing
  • Hourly rate pricing

The average cost of SEO in UK varies greatly. The cheapest SEO will cost you £50 per month while the mid-level SEO will cost you around £2,000 to £4,000 for each project. However, if you want to use the high-end SEO, you need to pay around £7,000 for each project.

Things that affect the SEO cost

It doesn’t matter who you trust to provide the SEO services, the cost of SEO depends on variables such as:

  • Existing exposure and brand awareness
  • Existing visibility
  • Business objectives and goals
  • Urgency
  • Competition
  • Demographic and target audience
  • Technical aptitude of CMS and website
  • Company’s expertise level

If you are going to choose aSEO agency, no matter how much it cost, try to choose an agency that imparts the most confidence in their aptitude to convey a Return on Investment (ROI) on the budget to deal with SEO services.

Affordable SEO is such an effective way to implement optimisation strategies and tactics to improve its visibility and online presence on search result pages. Every business is unique and SEO agencies work in a different situation in terms of how much the presence needs to be established as well as how competitive the target market and the industry are.


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