Mar 21, 2020

Every Ecommerce must understand the concept of making a good product page design while still considering aesthetics. Focusing too much on aesthetic value can eliminate the main purpose of offering many products to consumers who need them. Even though a screen must display product information efficiently and be able to persuade consumers to say yes I need this one product and finally want to pay for a product immediately. You are in charge of making the guideline for product page design.

A product page design needs to have a display that can help consumers compare products, find out product prices, read reviews, and other important information that consumers use to make considerations to buy products or not. Intrigued by more detailed information about a good product pagedesign? Directly check this information below.

1. Simple Background of Pictures

A product page image is usually at the center of the focal point. You can make a product image that doesn’t have a background at all by giving it white or black. However, giving a background is also allowed, as long as it still makes the image of the product being sold the main focus of a photo.

Examples of product images with lots of backgrounds that you can see on several social media of a seller selling products. This can add a cute, elegant, or positive value to a product by using the right background image.

2. Offer a Wish List or Favorites

Try to observe every leading Ecommerce that is already there now. They always M menu in the form of Wish List or Favorites. This menu will help consumers who want to buy a product later when they need it or when they already have money. This menu will make it easier for consumers to find the list of products they like again.

3. Showing Product Variations

Every Ecommerce that already exists now always has a display that can provide a display of product variations. This is mutually beneficial for both the seller and the consumer. A consumer does not need to open other product options to find variations of a product with the same price, ingredients, and product information. While the product variety menu will make it easier for sellers to enter information on the products they sell without having to do it repeatedly. Every leading E-commerce must have a display like this, whether Ecommerce originating from China, Europe, Asia, America, and Africa.

4. Provide dimensional information and 3D View

The dimensions of a product will affect the feasibility of size for consumers on an object. Well, bags, jewelry, household items, all required dimension. Every website that sells a product also never forgets information that explains this. Apart from explaining dimensions, another thing that consumers also want to understand is the zoom-in shape of a product. Consumers will understand the true shape and texture of a product by using this one feature from an E-commerce or website.

5. Show a description of the Review Results

Arriving the product to consumers in good condition requires collaboration between the seller and the courier. A seller needs to provide good security in terms of packaging, such as providing bubble wrap, plastic, or cardboard layers. Meanwhile, couriers must take good care of the process while delivering products from sellers to consumers.

When the product can come to consumers well and the quality of the product is appropriate, usually, consumers will give good reviews. This digital footprint is often used by potential consumers before buying a product. This guideline for product page design is really important for you to apply.


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